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      Zelf kan ik er niets mee maar misschien zijn er hier mensen geïnteresseerd:


      Naam: Penyof Albert



      Bericht: Hello
      I found your homepage on internet. I am also blacksmith and in this time I search for some new challenge.
      .Also this is the reason,why I decided to search the job outside Serbia where I come from.And I also have Hungarian citizenship.
      So far I”ve worked in Italy and in Germany,where I currently work by the end of the year.After am moving to the Bureau of Unemployment.
      My question is, if you know about some blacksmith, who needs some worker or abuot something what can help me by my searching.
      I am availabel from 15.januar
      Thank you for your answer
      Penyof Albert.


      Work experience
      1. Studio – workshop of Miodrag Rogan
      Job: Blacksmith(5 years)
      2.workshop of Georg Reinking,Guardiagrele,Italy
      Job:blacksmith(9 months)
      3.workshop of Berndt Schweizer,Peissenberg,Germany(2 years) Job:blacksmith

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      Ik kan er ook niets mee maar dit bericht heb ik via het Smedersgilde van België ook ontvangen.

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